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A statement from The Bug Theatre

Since its inception in 1994, The Bug Theatre has been a standing ground for community and art. Our mission statement, which we have included at the bottom of this writing, regards the inclusion of every aspect of life, every permutation of humanity. Except hate and bigotry.

We stand with people of color and hope that you will always feel safe at The Bug, on stage or in our seats. It is a home for all of us.

As we take a closer look at ourselves, we must acknowledge that we can do better to ensure that we are fully reflective of the artists and audiences we serve. Systems of power and injustice are not created just by acts of violence; they are sustained by complacency and lack of action, and it is the responsility of all of us to do our part to break these systems down.

The Bug Performance and Media Art Center is committing today to the following:

* We will expand our board of directors to ensure we are representative of the community to which we belong.

* We will continue to expand our lineup of programming to ensure the voices of artist of color are given a platform to be heard.

* We will continue to make our space available for community events specifically geared towards the promotion of social justice and equality.

* We are reaffirming our commitment to making The Bug Theatre a safe, supportive, and collaborative community space where everyone feels like they belong.

* We will be available to listen, willing to acknowledge when we don't get it right, and committed to change for the betterment of our community.

We are asking that anyone who is invested in helping us craft a more diverse direction and future for The Bug Theatre to please reach out. We see you. We hear you. We're ready to listen.

We hope to see you share in the evolution of the spirit again soon.

Black Lives Matter.


The Bug Theatre

"The Bug Performance and Media Art Center is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that seeks to foster a supportive community of artists in Denver by providing the opportunity for the development of unique voices, a diverse audience, and dynamic programming. We believe in the spirit of artistry as the driving force behind every production, in the integrity of the creative individual, and in the power of shared artistic experience."

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