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The Bug Performance and Media Art Center (also known as “The Bug Theatre” or “The Bug”) was created by a team of local, independent artists and designed to be an accessible space available to other artists and performers, particularly “emerging” artists who might otherwise be unable to access a venue of this kind.


The space was originally built as a nickelodeon movie house in 1912, known at the time as the Ideal

The facade of the theatre during the day.

Theater. Throughout the century it has also been known as The World Theatre, The Navajo, and The Avalon, and also operated for a time as a Faith Temple Church, before closing in the 60’s and being converted into an appliance storage warehouse. In 1994 it was purchased by local artists Reed Weimer and Chandler Romeo, who incorporated it as a federal 501(c)(3) as “Bug Performance and Media Art Center” and named it The Bug Theatre, a tribute to the nickname the neighborhood kids used to have for the space – the “Bug House”.

In 1998 a resident theatre company was introduced to the space. This was followed by the introduction of a small staff in 1999, and the combined efforts of the award-winning Bug Theatre Company and the dedicated administrative staff succeeded in transforming it into the viable artistic entity it is today.

Since then, The Bug has produced live theatrical performance, forums, classes, and acclaimed monthly showcases featuring local independent film, music and performing artists, as well as bringing national and international artworks to our local audiences in the form of film festivals and traveling artists. It has also served as a multi-functional venue that provides a gathering place for community meetings, workshops, benefits, and other artistic events. The Bug continues to work towards its original mission to make the arts accessible to artists and audiences of all means, with both rental rates and ticket prices below the market “norm” for a space of its kind.


The Bug's History in Photos

History in Photos
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